Quotography – Shine

Welcome to  “Quotography”. The rules are simple, a Title will be suggested and you will match a quote to a photograph. From time to time a quote maybe suggested. It is okay to edit your photograph with textures and filters, but please do not alter the photograph so that it is unrecognisable.


1. Find a a picture, or a quote to match the weekly prompt. The photograph must be taken by yourself.

2. Give credit to the quote when possible.

3. Put a link or the button in your post so other know what you are joining in on.

4. Link up here.

5. Take a moment to view other entries

As I live in Australia with a time difference I will schedule the posts for Sunday New York time.
The link is a little different because I use wordpress.com, just click on the link and follow the prompts.

“Shine” is our prompt this week.There are many things that shine in nature and also in our material world, so the choice is far and wide. I took this photograph a couple of months ago of sunset across a paddock.

Next week “Courage” is our prompt, for next week I see no reason why you cannot add something to your photograph to make it special or meaningful.  If you have a prompt that you would like to see featured just let me know.



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