Quotography – Books/Courage

I must apologise  last week I got my weeks wrong, this is an omen for me to slow down, so what I will do is give you the choice of ‘Courage” and “Books” for this week.

Welcome to  “Quotography”. The rules are simple, a Title will be suggested and you will match a quote to a photograph. From time to time a quote maybe suggested. It is okay to edit your photograph with textures and filters, but please do not alter the photograph so that it is unrecognisable.


1. Find a a picture, or a quote to match the weekly prompt. The photograph must be taken by yourself.

2. Give credit to the quote when possible.

3. Put a link or the button in your post so other know what you are joining in on.

4. Link up here.

5. Take a moment to view other entries

As I live in Australia with a time difference I will schedule the posts for Sunday New York time.
The link is a little different because I use wordpress.com, just click on the link and follow the prompts.

“Courage” is a personal characteristic that can be hard to describe, but we are faced with situations in life that take courage to overcome. This quote is my own thoughts about courage.

Next week it is your choice. If you have a prompt that you would like to see featured just let me know.



4 thoughts on “Quotography – Books/Courage

  1. It does take courage to live, as trivial as it may seem. Love the photo shot. To me, the clouds and color you chose, depict courageous action amid challenges we face.

    Thanks for providing me the opportunity to share my thoughts through photo’s. I am really enjoying Quotography. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. By the way, Kaylene, when Liza posts a comment this week, could you mention that I have been posting on her post, but my comment does not show up. Maybe she could give me her email and I can at least give her my comments that way. I enjoy her photos and thoughts.

  3. I love the color and subject of your photo this week. I often look to the heavens for courage and to get me through dark times. Thanks for hosting and have a nice week.

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